Saturday, July 2, 2016

How Not to Wash the Dishes

**Thanks to Kate Messner's Teachers Write and a writing Voxer group, I have been motivated to get myself writing more this summer.  This was a blog space that I created a while ago and never continued with, but I think I am going to try to do more quick writes on it.  I am also going to try to do more writing in my journal...I have too many journals.  Like containers, sticky notepads and books, I have a problem and buy too many of them.  So here goes my first attempt at just sitting down and writing what's in my head...

On most days, I am the queen of multi-tasking, but today I was more like the court jester.  My husband was away for the day which naturally means that my 19-month-old was strategically choosing to not do her afternoon nap.  Makes sense.  I need to try to get at least one or two rooms in the house cleaned before we leave for vacation in a few days.  Instead of letting her continue to roam the house leaving a trail of shoes, plastic phones, balls and sippy cups, I strapped her into her high chair and shoved a freeze pop into her grabby hands.

"Elmo, peez!" she squeaked.

I opened up my laptop and clicked onto my youtube history page.  My viewing history consists of Ted talks, way too many versions of Wheels on the Bus, video clips about productive struggle (hmm...could have also been the title of this post), and Elmo, lots and lots of Elmo.  Found one of our favorites, "All About Shoes" (yes, daddy is in big trouble in a few more years), hit play and then followed the toy crumb path back to the sink to try to resume washing dishes.

"More, peez!" she demanded while Elmo danced with a talking shoe.

Back to the high chair I went.  Narrowly missing a basketball (where did that come from?) and only slightly twisting my ankle as I turned away from the sink.  I squeezed her freeze pop up for her and then went back to the sink.

"More," she said in my direction, but I was determined to finish washing a spoon.

"More, mama," she tried again.  I put the spoon in the dry rack and began scrubbing away at a pan.

"Maaaama!"  Yep, ok, drop the pan back in the sink and head back to the high chair.

So maybe giving the toddler a freeze pop was not the smartest plan.  I proceed to start explaining to my daughter how she can squeeze the freeze pop up on her own.  I tell her to look and watch what mommy is doing.  Then I hand her the freeze pop and tell her to try it by herself.

She points to the screen and says, "Elmo, shoes."

So that lesson on independence went really well.  She managed to finish the freeze pop, but since Elmo was still keeping her occupied, I rushed back to the sink to try to finish the dishes, sending a red plastic phone flying across the kitchen floor.

"Mama, all done!"

I managed to wash a spoon, a pan, a wine glass and a sippy cup.  At least the necessities are clean.


  1. Welcome back to blogging! I felt like I was right there with you trying to juggle the dishes and the freeze pop and everything! So glad you're blogging again and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Oh I can relate!! Love the dialogue from your daughter! So cute.