Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1/31 #sol17 I want a milkshake!

Very excited to begin this month long challenge of writing a slice story everyday!  Here I go...

Each day, I am amazed at the new language that comes out of my toddler's mouth.  She is like a little sponge soaking everything up and then spitting it back out at us throughout the day.  Each day brings something new and unexpected.

We were all loaded in the car and on our way to the dog park.  And by loaded I mean my husband, my father who was visiting for the week, my 2-year-old, myself, our wild Australian cattle hound, Cleo, and our old man, Tom, the greyhound.

Emerson, my daughter, loves to go with us to take our dogs exploring, especially because she can't wait to see other "goggies."  We turned into the long driveway to our favorite dog park, the one with the long hike, the big stream or "pool" as Emerson calls it, and the big, open field.  Sitting in the back seat with my daughter, I was glad that we were arriving and would soon be out of the slightly cramped car.  Having a greyhound "dripping" on your shoulder and an Australian cattle hound panting in your ear is not exactly my idea of traveling in style.

My husband parked the car, and as we were waiting for the people next to us to finish unloading their dogs, my daughter stated proudly, "I want a milkshake mommy."

Where did that come from?  All I could think was several months ago when we went to a new burger joint and I split a milkshake with her, but that was so long ago.  Thankfully, after unloading her from the car and beginning our hike with the dogs, she forgot about her random and surprising request.

We have to go to the store later.  Wonder what unusual and new word combination she will string together next.


  1. My boys are grown - 14 and 11 now - but I fondly remember those days. Soak them in. I'm sure she will amaze you with a new phrase today.

  2. My daughter does that too. She told me one day that I was her best friend, and I had no idea she even knew what a friend was. I assume she learned it in daycare, but it made me feel extra special the day she told me.

  3. Kids are so much fun! They are amazing in how quickly they learn and what they are willing to share with us! What fun!

    Welcome and Happy Writing this March!

  4. I love the image of that crowded car! I can see the Patricia Polacco-style illustration of it in my head! The language discoveries are so fun!

  5. Emerging language is one of the joys of mothering and teaching! I applaud your leadership and hope your teachers know that you are writing daily!

    1. Thank you! They do know since I wrote about doing this and encouraged them to participate :

  6. The language development of children is just amazing! I marvel at the words my daughter says. My son was always verbal too, but Megan is younger so when she says "Actually..." and some other funny phrases it cracks me up! Have you seen the app "Little Hoots"? It's great for saving all those amazing and funny things Emerson will say! Love that you are here in the challenge.