Saturday, March 11, 2017

Breakfast planning 11/31 #sol17

After a short drive this afternoon, we arrived at my in-laws timeshare on the Cape.  My daughter and I had agreed to come for a short overnight trip to visit.  During this cold week in March, there is not a whole lot to do down here.  We usually swim, hang out in the condo, go out to eat, and repeat that cycle.

Today, we spent the late afternoon swimming in the indoor pool.  And we tried out a newer restaurant for dinner.  As we were wrapping up at dinner, licking the last spoonful of ice cream clean, and paying the bill, we began to make our plans for tomorrow.

My in-laws informed me that I needed to go to "The Little Bookstore."  Book and store together in a need to convince me.  Then they shared that at trip down to the Cape without visiting "The General Store" would not really be a complete trip.  Complete with a pickle jar and penny candy, that sounded like it was a definite addition to Sunday's agenda.  I chimed in and reminded them that we needed to have breakfast at The Red Cottage, a place that has cinnabon french toast on the menu.  Do I really need to go into anymore detail or did I have you at cinnabon?

There was discussion about which mass they would be attending, the early one, not so early one or late morning one.  As I began to raise the concern of Emerson being up early and then needing a nap and then us eventually needing to get on the road, my father-in-law made a statement that caught me slightly off guard.  They were discussing the idea of going to an earlier mass when he came out with, "In all likelihood, we will wake up in the morning."

We all sort of stopped and looked at him.  Not sure whether to laugh or shake our heads at him, we all looked around the table and then burst out laughing.

"What a positive thought, Dad," my sister-in-law said.

"Well it's true, we will most likely get up in the morning," he smiled at all of us.

Yes, hopefully we will all wake up in the morning, and then we can follow through with our breakfast and Sunday adventure plans.


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  2. You had me at Cinnabon! Wow, Cinnabon + French Toast sounds delicious. :)

  3. Cause if you don't wake up, the cinnabon french toast is hard to enjoy. I'm sure that's what he was thinking. :) Does he generally pipe in with the dry wit?

  4. I want to watch up and enjoy that french toast and a book store! Sounds like a great weekend!