Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Find the Good 22/31 #sol17

This evening, I was at a dinner for the launch of our state principal association conference.  An award was given to a principal for his outstanding service.  He gave a truly inspiration speech to a room full of inspirational education leaders.  There were many things that stuck out to me as he spoke, but the best part of his speech was when he was talking about something his mentor had told him many years ago.  It's just three simple words, but it can make such a big difference in how you approach the role of principal.  And to be honest, I feel like these three words should actually be how everyone approaches life.

He said to all of us:  "Find the good."

Those three simple words put a smile on my face as I thought about how true and how important that directive can be.

I will be taking those three simple words, grabbing onto them and tucking them into my pocket.  I am going to carry those three simple words around with me.  I can't wait to go find the good tomorrow.


  1. What wonderful, useful, real-life advice. I love it when people can just "boil it down" for me--find the good! I need to put that up somewhere! :)

  2. Those were the words my dad always said. He was a good man. Thank you for reminding me of this practice and the man who taught me.