Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream 8/31 #sol17

It was only a short distance between the automatic exit door at Staples to my car.  Unfortunately, my toddler had begun to start melting down.  I had to think fast.  Do I keep her in the cart and push the screamer to the car, risking the chance of her throwing bags out of the cart?  Do I try to reason with her and get her to hold my hand while we walk, drop to the ground, stand up, repeat all the way to the car?

My answer, neither.  I picked her up like a sack of rice.  She immediately began screaming, flailing her arms, screaming bloody murder, flopping around all over my arms as I tried desperately to hold her and speed walk to the car.  Suddenly it seemed so much farther away.

As I tried to gracefully deposit my child into her car seat, she arched her back, making it next to impossible to buckle her in.  As I tried to talk to her and calm her down, she screamed louder and louder.  If there was anyone within a two mile radius, I felt that all eyes were staring at me, "that mom."

And then I shut the door and climbed into the driver's seat and the tears stopped and the screaming stopped and the kicking and flopping ended.

That 'scene' was certainly one I had witnessed many times with other parents and their children.

Lucky me, now I'm one of the main characters, and I get to work with an academy award winning actress.

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  1. Oh the joys of toddlerhood. My kids are 13 and 16 now, but I remember those days like yesterday. My heart goes out to you and I hope tomorrow is a better day.