Friday, March 31, 2017

In with a Milkshake and Out with Hot Cocoa 31/31 #sol17

I began this 31 day journey with a slice about a milkshake request.  Today, I will end this 31 day journey with a different drink request...this time it's hot cocoa.  Looks like my slices have come full circle!

It was still dark out, my hair was only half brushed, the dogs had just been let outside, and I set the wild-haired jammie-clad half-awake child down once we stepped into the kitchen.  No sooner had I put her down when she proclaimed at the top of her lungs...

"I want hot co-co mama!" (If only I had a video recording of her saying 'co-co' with her little lips forming the O as she accentuates each co in co-co.)

This was a first and definitely took me by surprise.  Usually she requests some milk or sometimes she doesn't request it but I give it to her anyways.  But never had I experienced a hot cocoa request.

Thankfully, there was one lonely hot cocoa Keurig cup left.  I made her some hot cocoa, poured it into her mini Polar Express insulated container, and dropped in a single ice cube.

"What's that mommy?" she asked.

"I'm putting in an ice cube to make your hot cocoa just right," I explained, stretching out those last two words.

I screwed the lid onto her container and handed her the drink.

She took a sip and cheerfully exclaimed, "Mmmm, dat's dee-lishish, my hot co-co is too right mama."

With her hot cocoa container in her hand, she headed off to her play area, now ready to take on her dinosaurs and the world.  Smiling, I couldn't help but think that our hot cocoa exchange was not 'too right."  

Actually, I thought to myself...this morning was starting off just right.

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