Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Man Boss 7/31 #sol17

I had to bring a student to the nurse's office today.  I was spending some time with him when he let me know that he felt like he was going to be sick.  As he was lying down to rest for a few minutes, the nurse struck up a conversation with him.

He was talking about what his parents did for work.  And he began to talk about his dad getting what seemed like a possible promotion.

"You know how there is like a man boss?" he asked us.  "And then there is like the other boss, not the man boss."

"Um, ok I think I know what you mean," I replied.

"So my dad is that other boss person.  But soon he is going to be the man boss."

"Wow, that's exciting for your dad," the nurse said.  "How is your tummy feeling now?"

"Not better.  You know that feeling when you feel home sick?" he responded.

And at this point, I realized that he was actually fine.  Call it home sickness.  Call it school work sickness.  No fever.  No vomiting.  Less than an hour to go before the end of the day.  It was definitely time to leave the nurse's office.

As we left, and once the student was out of earshot, I turned back to my nurse and asked her if she had a "man boss."

"Yep, you are my man boss!"

Looks like I have reached a new career goal that I never even knew I had!

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  1. Funny - I love the phrase "man boss" Kid conversation is always interesting.