Saturday, March 18, 2017

March 18th 18/31 #sol17

 Today is March 18th.  It's my birthday.  It's not one of those special years.  It's not a landmark birthday.  It's really just another day. Will I remember this birthday?

I definitely remember my 10th birthday.  It's a big deal to get to double digits for the first time.  My mother woke me up on that March 18th by lining up all of my panda bears, placing birthday hats on them, and strategically placing a tape recorder behind them so that it sounded like they were singing happy birthday to me.  I went to school that day wearing a t-shirt that said "Happy Birthday to me!"  And my mom brought homemade pizza and lemonade to school for everyone to enjoy at lunchtime.

Today is March 18th.  Another year older.  My daughter gifted me with an adorable homemade card and lots of extra 2-year-old crying and drama today.  Will I remember this birthday?

I do remember my 16th birthday.  On that March 18th, my parents had rented out a haunted house down on the strip in Virginia Beach.  I remember kids having fun running through the dark hallways, screaming and laughing.  I also remember my little brothers who were probably about 6 and 8, dancing around the party.  I did not want them to be there.  And I also remember a pretty amazing cake that had a mermaid and beach scene on it.

Today is March 18th.  How old am I now? I have a cold and have been coughing off and on all day.  Forget the question of whether or not I feel older; I just feel like crud and would like to stop blowing my nose.  Will I remember this birthday?

I'd like to say I remember my 21st birthday.  If I'm being honest, unfortunately, I may have been a little over zealous and was served a multi-layered alcoholic drink that I thought I could "handle."  I remember about an hour and a half of that March 18th.  The rest is a little fuzzy.

Today is March 18th.  I treated myself to some birthday shopping.  While my daughter was napping and my husband was home from work, I ran out and bought myself some new shoes and a few new outfits.  I did not blow out any candles and there was no cake today, which I am totally fine with.  Will I remember this birthday?

I absolutely remember my 40th birthday.  My husband rented a van, and with my father as the driver, we filled the van with friends and headed to a casino.  On that March 18th, I spent part of my time at a craps table and part of my time sitting in the van listening to the lovely sound of the battery operated breast pump.  I did not win any money, but I managed to get out and spend a whole day away from my 3 month old.  I'd call that a lucky day.

Today is March 18th.  Yes, it's my birthday for only about another hour.  Today was not too different from any other Saturday.  I received birthday phone calls and cards in the mail.  My daughter sang "happy birthday" to me numerous times.  My husband gave me some flowers.  And now another March 18th has come and almost gone.

Will I remember this birthday?


  1. For starters, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I enjoyed how you carried your theme of birthday throughout your post. You make an excellent point. There are birthdays that we will never forget, yet others, that have faded as a distant memory. Wishing you lots of fun to come this year!

  2. I loved this. I really enjoyed how you wove back and forth between today and your memories of past birthdays. Thank you for sharing this post...and Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I loved your birthday memories- makes me wonder which birthdays of mine I could recall...

  4. Happy Birthday Week! This is a fun format. I enjoyed reading of memorable birthdays. If nothing else, you will remember this birthday because there is a slice on your blog. The joys of March birthdays - as long as we slice, we will have a record.

  5. Happy Birthday! The good news is that unless you want to write a birthday book, you do not have to remember each and every one. Some things, we must let go! I think your highlights were of some special events. Who knows which ones you will slice about when the next "major" birthday arrives!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. Cute Idea for a post! Happy Birthday - a day late! You may not remember it but nice to just note that is comes and we move forward to new adventures in a new age. Hope that cold goes away quickly!