Sunday, March 12, 2017

Play ball! 12/31 #sol17

There is something about forgetting about everything else, disconnecting a little bit and focusing all my attention on my two-year-old bundle of energy.  This morning, even with the whole time change thing, my daughter slept in more than she ever has before.  I guess we wore her out the day before. We were visiting with family and staying overnight at my in-law's timeshare.  And she had had a full day with only about a 45 minute nap.  So it probably should not have been as much of a surprise that she slept in until after 8:00am.

 Once she was finally up, and while everyone else had left the house for 10:00 mass, we were able to have some quality mommy and daughter time.  There is this tiny little room with an angled ceiling where we had stored her toys during our visit.  Still in our jammies, we found ourselves on the floor in this room, with a bag of random toys.  (When I told her to pack some toys in the bag the day before, here is what she chose: one ball, two toy trains, three blankies, a book about colors and a book about Christmas, a naked baby doll, one drumstick, and a random troll toy from a Burger King meal.)

After a few minutes of wrapping and rewrapping the baby doll in blankies, we decided it was time to play ball.  We began rolling the ball back and forth to each other.  My daughter sat with her legs spread into a wide split position.  Not sure how she can sit that way?  And I watched her as she sat there with her arms outstretched, big smile on her face, anxiously waiting for the ball to come her way each time.  Then we started bouncing the ball back and forth.  And sometimes we did some arms over the head "big throws" to each other.  Eventually we were throwing the ball against the walls and ceilings, cracking up laughing as it bounced wildly off our heads, hands and other body parts.

I think we spent about 20 minutes laughing, rolling the ball, telling each other "good job" with our catches, bouncing the ball, giggling when the ball bounced off our heads, and just having fun in the moment.  There was nowhere else I would have rather been than in that little room with my little girl and her little ball.

I am so glad I made it a point to just play ball this morning!

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