Monday, March 6, 2017

The Music Lesson 6/31 #sol17

On Monday nights, my husband teaches music lessons out of our house.  We have a music room filled with guitars, music stands, a keyboard, a piano, and piles and piles of music books.  Tonight he was actually teaching a piano lesson to a 2nd grader followed by a guitar lesson for the 2nd grader's dad.  Usually our daughter does not pay too much attention to daddy's "moo-sic yessons," but tonight she was quite curious.

After getting her Star Wars jammies on...the top only...since she decided on "no pants downstairs mommy," she snuck back downstairs while I was folding some of her laundry.  After a few minutes, I came downstairs and found her on the floor in the hallway, just outside of the doorway to the music room.  When I peeked into the hallway, she looked at me with a big smile and said proudly, "my daddy workin', my daddy moo-sic yessons."

"Yes," I said, "Your daddy is teaching some music lessons.  We need to be quiet while daddy is working."

I went back into the kitchen to clean up some dishes.  After a few minutes, I checked back in on the hallway spy.  She was standing in her droopy diaper and R2D2 pajama top, face to face with our Australian cattle hound, clasping her little hands around Cleo's nose and saying, "Be ky-it Cleo, daddy workin'.  Be ky-it, daddy moo-sic yessons."

To my surprise, both the dog and the toddler were actually, for the most part, quiet during this evening's music lessons.


  1. It is always fun to see when Little's really understand what is going on around them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such fun to see "imitation" and I always knew when I had blown it with my kindergarten group when they "showed" me what they had heard and learned. . . and it wasn't quite the message I was expecting!