Friday, March 17, 2017

The Red Ukulele 17/31 #sol17

I can remember so many discussions in one of my poetry courses in college about the poem "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams.  Yes, I was an English major with a poetry concentration.  Yes, my dad continually questioned why on earth I would get a degree in such a thing.  That's another post for another time.

Today, my musician husband gave his musical daughter a red ukulele.  As I watched her carry around her new musical fascination in the restaurant where daddy was playing, clutch it tight in the car ride home and then insist on bringing it up to her bedroom with her at bedtime, I was inspired to write a new version of "The Red Wheelbarrow."

The Red Ukulele

so much depends

a new red

lined with pluckable

beside the singing


  1. Perfect! I love the little red ukulele! Hope she has fun!

  2. "Pluckable" is such a musical word. I appreciate the introduction to the poem as it give the poem more meaning. I sure hope I would have noticed the inspirational form all by myself. :)