Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Ring 29/31 #sol117

As I was walking out of the presentation room today, I noticed a phone call was coming in on my phone.  I answered the phone and heard a woman ask for David or Liz.  I informed her that I was Liz.  She said she was calling from Saks Jeweler.  I was only half listing as I was walking through the bookstore in the JFK Presidential Library.  But hearing that this was a jewelry store calling, I perked up a little bit.

"I'm calling to let you know that your wedding band is ready for pick up," said the woman on the phone.

"Oh really?" I responded.

A little background info for you...several months ago my husband lost his wedding band.  In our house.  He takes it off to put lotion on his hands.  After playing guitar all the time for a living, his hands are very dry.  So he takes his ring off to put on lotion.  Apparently, after one of the times when he took his ring off and forgot to put it back disappeared.  His ring is nothing fancy.  We both kept it simple when we got married and selected basic rings.  When it became apparent that it was missing, he blamed me, blamed our daughter, blamed the cleaning lady, blamed anyone else that was not him.  The ring was never found, and I had sort of forgotten about the fact that it has been missing from his hand for a while now.

I thanked the woman for the message, hung up the phone and sent my husband a text message.  

Here's a window into my life, the conversation through texts that transpired...

Me: Apparently the wedding band you ordered came in? The store just called me.

Hubby: I found it finally.  It was at the store the whole time.

Me: (Sitting at the conference, reading the above the text message, crying from laughing so hard) Oh man I love you.

Hubby: It must have been getting polished.

So it looks like the ring has been "found."  Wonder how long this one will stick around or if the original one will turn up one day.  I know it is definitely somewhere in our house.

Next text message from my husband that appeared on my phone...

Hubby: I found the pee.

The story behind that text is a completely different lost and found story!


  1. It is funny how we lose and find things! My wedding ring is currently hidden somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean or coast.

  2. I loved the way you developed this slice. As someone who forgets things like that all the time, I appreciated your husband's behavior. Thanks for sharing.