Sunday, March 19, 2017

Too Tired 19/31 #sol17

Too tired

I'm too tired to write today.
It was a full day complete with two-year-olds running around in tu-tus at a two-year-old birthday party, driving here and there, seeing 3rd and 4th graders perform "Beauty and the Beast" and sing their hearts out, watching eggs, rice, veggies, and meat being chopped, sliced and cooked in front of us at a birthday dinner celebration, listening to my little one sing "happy dayday" to her momma and help me blow out a candle, folding laundry before bedtime, and sipping a hot cup of tea.

I'm too tired to write today.  Yes, there was a lot going on today, lots of story material.

But I'm just too tired to write today.


  1. But you did write. And you have seeds for all kinds of stories for the next week!

  2. Summed up perfectly. Love the 2 year olds in tu tus! Yay and Yikes!

  3. Not too tired after all. This is a nice picture of your day - a great slice - and I have lots of sweet images from reading your words. And you have lots of memories - now recorded. No wonder you are tired! Thanks for sharing your fun!

  4. Well, you were too tired, but yet, here we are! And as I read this story, so many images popped into my head of parties and singing and just being a parent of kids a little younger than 16! :)

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Now you have a place holder with your ideas for future days!

  6. I understand - at least you catch the moments. Glad you made it that far! Hope you had a good sleep!