Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You a little sick mommy? 15/31 #sol17

Definitely needed this new badge...I am a write by the seat of my pants slicer and proud of it!
I came home from work today and was excited and relieved to be able to get in some snuggle time on the couch with my daughter.  She is just beginning to reach that age where we can sort of have a conversation.

Me: Did you play with your daddy today?

Emerson: Yes!

Me: What did you play?

Emerson: I played babies.
(This is her answer everyday.  She loves taking care of her baby dolls.)

Me: Do you still have a little cough?

Emerson: I sick mommy.  I don't seel good.
(Definitely don't have that 'f' sound yet.)

Me: Aw, I hope you feel better soon.  Mommy will give you some medicine tonight.

Me: Cough, cough

Emerson: Mommy, you sick too?

Me: Yes, I'm a little sick.  I have a cold.

Emerson: Oh, you a little sick mommy?  You ok?

I just love when she tilts her head to the side and changes her intonation at the end of her sentences to ask a question.  I know I need to record her so I can hang onto that little voice long after she is a toddler.  When did she become this little human who carries on a conversation with me?  Earlier today, I was having a conversation with a teacher who was talking about her daughter who is probably soon going to have to stop breastfeeding her son.  I was sharing the story of how Emerson and I only made it to about 6 months with breastfeeding.  It was a gradual ending.  I remember how I treasured our early morning and bedtime feedings.  And I also remember how I kept thinking, when will our last early morning or late night feeding happen?

That last feeding came and went.  Time apparently does not stand still like we sometimes want it to.  In fact, as I watch her grow and change and surprise me everyday, I feel like time has decided to not only march on, it seems to be steadily jogging at a pace that I am desperately trying to keep up with.
There is no slowing my little human down.  I guess I need to figure out how to pick up the pace.


  1. Such great moments. They are grow up so fast. My boys and I recently enjoyed watching old videos of them as little boys. We had so much fun together!!

  2. The head tilt and change of intonation to show the understanding of a difference between a statement and a question IS precious. I had forgotten how much. Thank you for the reminder. Savor the moments.

  3. They do change, so, so fast! And then, if you didn't record it, you can't go back! :((( Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  4. I love this post - the images are familiar although my children are long grown. How easily I can think back to those days. They go fast but they are remembered. Enjoy!